Business Areas

Business Areas

Project management and supervisor

  1. Raw water & demi. and up-water, sea water treatment system
    • Water purification plant & Island drink water, landscaping water, river water
    • Desalination & fresh water, lake water & river water renewal water system
  2. Waste treatment with Nano bubble recycling system
  3. Utility & chemical production facilities water treatment system
  4. Facilities & semiconductor set-up piping and water treated system
  5. Industrial solid waste recycling system & etc

Water Purification System

Pre-treatment system, Industrial water treatment system, Lake&Underground water system, River water treatment system

Pure and Ultra Pure Treatment Systems

Nuclear power treatment system, petrochemical clean water system, Cogeneration water system, Demi. watre treatment system, Ultra pure water treatment system, Turbine boiler feed system, Combined cycle power generation system, Condensate power plant system

Wastewater treatment system

Factory waste water system, Sewage treatment system, Heavy water treatment system

Seawater Freshwater Treatment System

Island seawater drinking system, Factory seawater treatment system


  • Each power plant and water treatment system
  • Demi. Water System
  • EDI System
  • R/O System
  • Thermal Power Plant
  • Water Treatment System
  • Waste water system

If you have any inquiry about system design and others, the department in charge will give you the sincere answer.

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