Water treatment system

Water treatment system

Water Treatment System

  • Water treatment system is an environment field business that converts polluted water into drinking water, tap water, and sterilized water; waste water into recycled water; and sea water to drinking water. We are a business of designing and reviewing the water quality of the customers’ request to develop and install a liquid filter to provide a clean water, such as for drinking, industrial use, and sterile cleaning.
  • We are a comprehensive engineering system business, assuring the performance of the appropriate water quality of the cleaning water of the ordered company.

Types of Water Quality Assurance

  • Drinking water, Landscaping water, Industrial water, Sterile washing water for electricity, electronic, and semiconductor industry, Ultra-pure water, Boiler-supply pure water, Steam supply and power pure water, Desalination of sea water, Waste & recycled water, Discharged & recycled water, Water pool facilities, etc.


  • A business that needs an active marketing, such as government corporation, construction company, Steam supply and power plant, Oil company, Chemical plant, Semiconductor manufacturer, Electricity/electronic industrial manufacturer, Pharmaceutical manufacturer, Sterilized water for hospitals and food manufacturers, etc.


  • A field that is industrial and environmental-friendly
  • A field that believes water management is a prospective industry to be called a Blue Ocean in the future
  • A field that designs future based on the order requested company’s quality assurance

Images by Water Treatment System

Pretreatment Filter Filtration Facility

Chemical Pump Supply Facility

Ultrafiltration Water Treatment Facility

Pure water treatment filtration facility

Busta Supply Pump Supply Facility

Seawater Freshwater Reverse Osmosis Filtration

Pure and Ultrapure Water Treatment System

Reverse osmosis filtration supply facility

Ultrapure Water Filtration

Ultrapure Water Filtration

Pure Equipment Filtration

Industrial Water Treatment Facility